RJOY’s mission in our Global Work is to illuminate the African/ Indigenous roots of Restorative Justice (RJ) by engaging with diverse, ancient, and rich cultures on the Continent through direct cultural exchange. We also do this by becoming students of healers and practitioners. RJOY shares these practices with communities and schools that invite us to visit and teach them. The goal is to re-center Africa in the modern Restorative Justice movement.

We seek to foster a culture of fidelity in Restorative Justice (RJ) that is anti-racist, anti-bias and rooted in African indigeneity.

By intentionally centering Africa and its diaspora we learn from the fifty-four (54) countries comprising the Continent. Very diverse nations in their cultural traditions – we heal, remember, learn, experience, honor, and thoughtfully disseminate African knowledge.

RJOY’s Global Work is focused in two areas:

1) Global Education, Training and Consultation, and

2) Building a Learning Community where there is an exchange – learning culture, history, and healing practices.

Part of the work is organizing exchange delegations.