Clinical Training Practicum

Practicum Training Opportunity:Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth 2024-2025

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) has a practicum training program in learning to provide therapeutic interventions to Oakland youth. What makes this training opportunity unique is that the model of training is from a restorative justice perspective. The clinical training program, is based on a curriculum that is infused with multiculturalism. The content of the clinical training program involves didactic training and applied experience learning to conduct psychotherapy with predominantly African-American youth who are along the transitional-age spectrum and who are struggling with difficult life circumstances. Such intervention includes: intake assessment, case management, and clinical intervention. Trainees will develop a set of applicable skills all within a culturally specific context.

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Location: 1733 Broadway, Oakland, CA. 94612
Contact: 510-931-7569

Executive Director: Teiahsha Bankhead, Ph.D. LCSW
Clinical Director: Veronique Thompson, Ph.D.
Clinical Program Manager: Kusum Crimmel, LCSW
Mental Health Specialists: Joseph Johnson, M.A. & Hewan Tesfaye, M.A.

Highlights: Restorative Justice Oriented Therapy | Multicultural Training Curriculum
Other Information: 18-24 Hours per week |September through June | Thursday Required